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What is Breeze?
A simple way for people in small- and mid-sized churches to stay in touch.
How will Breeze help you?
  • It is an online directory that will never go out of date!
  • You can access it online or on your phone/tablet app.
Why is Breeze good for the church?
  • It will ease communication between ministry team members.
  • It’s affordable!  (One price, no matter how many users we have.)
  • It plays nicely with the software we are already using, Quickbook, and with the e-giving software that we will be implementing soon!
  • It has great customer service and support.
How can you access Breeze?
If you have received an email invitation to create a member account, Newington Baptist Church’s Breeze page can be accessed below.
What can you do once you’ve logged in to Breeze?
After creating a member account and logging in to Breeze, you will be able to:
  • View basic contact information for other Newington members who have opted into our Online Directory.
  • View your personal information.
  • Add or change your profile photo (Please make sure that we can clearly see your face!)
Need help uploading photos to Breeze?
Check out this guide to adding profile photos to Breeze. 
Photo Tutorial
Still need an invite to use Breeze at Newington?  Have questions?
  • If you haven’t already received an email invitation to create a Breeze Member account, and you are a Newington Member, that means that we don't have your email address.
  • No problem!  Simply fill out the form below and you will receive an invitation to create a member account soon!
  • You may also ask questions using the form below.  
Invitation or Questions?